Pneumatic Hog Ring Gun

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Pneumatic Gabion Basket Hog Ring Closure Tool

This pneumatic hog ring gun is specially engineered to be used with our high tensile strength hog rings in the construction of gabion walls for a variety of applications in the hardscape, civil construction, erosion control, and landscape industries.

When it comes to gabion applications, our hog rings are used to assemble the wired gabion basket pieces into a larger wall or structure, providing the durability needed to withstand not only the elements but the weight of filler materials within the baskets. Due to the strength of these high tensile hog rings, you’d be hard pressed to find a better, stronger, and more expedient solution for assembly than our pneumatic hog ring gun.

Our commercial grade pneumatic hog ring guns are used to close our 1140 style hog rings.  They close our 1.5" open rings to a diameter of 9/16".  An air compressor and hose are required but are not included.

Shipping Included!

Magazine type: Rear loading
Staple type: 1140 Series
Magazine capacity: 120
Fasteners per strip: 40
Operating pressure: 95 psi (0.66 Nmm^2)
Max. operating pressure: 100 psi (0.69 Nmm^2)
Air consumption/operation: 5 cu. inch (0.14 cu. meter)
Inner hose diam. required: 3/8” (9.5mm) Ø recommended
Emission sound level at the workstation: d = 82 dB
Weight: 14.65 lbs. (6.65 kg)

Extras supplied with the tool: Operators manual, spare parts list and safety & service instructions

Prior to operating the tool, it is important that your operators read and understand all safety precautions.

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