Pneumatic Hog Ring Gun

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Our commercial grade pneumatic hog ring guns are used to close our 1140 style hog rings.  They close our 1.5" open rings to a diameter of 9/16".  An air compressor and hose are required but are not included.

Shipping Included!

Magazine type: Rear loading
Staple type: 1140 Series
Magazine capacity: 120
Fasteners per strip: 40
Operating pressure: 95 psi (0.66 Nmm^2)
Max. operating pressure: 100 psi (0.69 Nmm^2)
Air consumption/operation: 5 cu. inch (0.14 cu. meter)
Inner hose diam. required: 3/8” (9.5mm) Ø recommended
Emission sound level at the workstation: d = 82 dB
Weight: 14.65 lbs. (6.65 kg)

Extras supplied with the tool: Operators manual, spare parts list and safety & service instructions

Prior to operating the tool, it is important that your operators read and understand all safety precautions.

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