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Gravel-Lok Permeable Binder

Gravel-Lok is a high quality made in the USA pervious aggregate bonding system.  Available in Clear which is UV stabilized for white or any color stone or Amber which is amber in color and will discolor light or white stones.  Gravel-Lok makes an excellent bonding agent suitable for Residential Pathways, Patios, Driveways, Garden Paths, French Drains, Stone Scaping, and Tree Surrounds.

Tips For Stone Choice:

Stones must be clean and dry.

Avoid dusty or dirty stones, limestone, crush and run, stone dust, and decomposed granite.

Gravel-Lok can bond together small (1/8") up to large (2.5") stones.

ADA Compliant when using stones 1/8" to 1/2".

Not all stones are suitable for Gravel-Lok, it is recommended to create test samples prior to installation.

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