Gabion Pillows

These gabion pillows are mini-sized DuraFlex gabion baskets filled with rocks that can be handled manually and without the need for heavy equipment. They are an ideal solution for do-it-yourself projects and retaining walls constructed in areas with limited space or remote access.


  • Back yard projects 
  • Ponds and riverbanks
  • Eroded beach repairs 
  • Steep hillside protection 

Typical gabion pillows measure 3' x 1' x 6" deep and 3' x 1.5' x 6" deep weighing 150-250lbs when filled with rock. Allowing for them to be filled offsite and transported by pickup truck, garden cart or wheelbarrow. 

We offer these pillows in galvanized and PVC coated, or double-twisted woven wire mesh in galvanized and PVC coated steel or co-polymer marine mesh for saltwater applications.