Return Policy

We try to work with our customers on the front end to reduce the chances of needing to return products but occasionally returns happen.  Due to the weight and/or dimensions of many of our products we cannot offer free returns on orders that were delivered as ordered.  

If you wish to return materials please contact us first using one of the following methods.

* Toll Free: (866) 391-6295  
* E-Mail:

All returned materials must be in original packaging and unopened. Get confirmation service on the package back to make sure that we receive the product.

NO REFUNDS will be issued for product after 30 days from your original receipt of the shipment

We are not responsible for any loss of packages coming back to us by the shipping company during the return process. There will be a 25% restocking fee assessed on returned orders. BlueStone Supply will not reimburse the cost of any shipping related fees involved in getting the materials to the client or back from the client. These fees are to be paid solely by the customer.