Technical Information

Here are some commonly requested technical data files.  If you can't find what you are looking for just let us know and we will get the information you need.  Just click on one of the below titles and your requested document will download.

Uniaxial Geogrids

SRWall 4.0 Vendor Data File for Geostar Technologies GeoGrid

Polyester Uniaxial GeoGrid Cross Reference Chart

Geostar Technologies HP GeoGrid Product Data Sheet 

Geostar Technologies HP GeoGrid Handling and Installation Guide


Welded Wire Forms

GeoSteel Welded Wire Form Detail

Welded Wire Form Wall Guidelines

Welded Wire Form Typical Installation Guide



Geotextile Fabric Cross Reference Chart




LSG Data Sheet Load Support Grid


SlopeGrid Data Sheet

Helix Earth Anchor

Galvanized Aircraft Cabling


LSG CAD Information:

Load Support Grid Installation Guide

Porous Paver with LSG Series

Proper Drainage with LSG Series

Residential Driveway with LSG Series

Regular and Porous Pavement Base Stabilization (Concrete)

Regular and Porous Pavement Base Stabilization (Asphalt)

LSG Series Sections Detail

Non-Vegetated / Porous Paving w/ J-Hooks

Vegetated Green Paving w/ J-Hooks

J-Hook Placement Detail LSG

Gravel-Lok CAD Information:

Gravel-Lok Permeable Two Layer System

Gravel-Lok Permeable Pavement

Gravel-Lok Overlay on Existing Concrete Base

Gravel-Lok Overlay on Existing Gravel Base

Gravel-Lok Permeable Bond Garden Path

Gravel-Lok Edging Options

Gravel-Lok Coverage Rates

SlopeGrid CAD Information:

Slope Grid Installation Tips 

Slope Protection Concrete

Slope Protection Aggregate

Slope Protection Vegetated Green with J-Hook

Slope Protection Vegetated Green with Cabling