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Welded Wire Forms

Welded wire forms, also known as welded wire baskets are facing units used to construct mechanically stabilized earthen slopes and walls. The welded wire forms are generally 18” tall and 18” deep and 10 feet long and constructed of W4xW4 wire gauge but custom sizes and wire gauges are available. The welded wire forms can be raw steel, electronically galvanized, and hot dipped galvanized. Raw steel welded wire forms are generally used for vegetated face or temporary walls. Electro-galvanized welded wire forms have a lighter weight temporary galvanization for use in temporary walls or vegetated walls. Hot dipped galvanization is a long term galvanization used in applications such as a stone filled units where the steel will be exposed long-term. All types of welded wire forms utilize support struts to maintain the angle between the face and the base of the basket. Typically this is a 90 degree angle but custom struts can be manufactured to meet site specific requirements such as baskets bent at 45 degrees. Most installations utilize 5-7 support struts per basket.
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