The Benefits and Advantages of Using Erosion Control Blankets

Soil erosion may not initially seem problematic, but it can have significant negative effects on your environment, ranging from impairing the quality and quantity of future crops to harming nearby rivers and other waterways. That’s where erosion control blankets come in. Composed of one or more materials, these blankets are designed to protect the soil and/or vegetation underneath it and are capable of stemming soil erosion while helping stabilize the area on which it sits. Here's what you should know about erosion control blankets, including what they are and their many benefits.

What Are Erosion Control Blankets?

Soil erosion can happen as a result of human activity or natural phenomenon. For example, it can occur due to nearby construction or from high winds and strong rainfall. One major problem with soil erosion is that the issue will typically worsen without a solution, such as using an erosion control blanket.

We’ve briefly touched on what erosion control blankets are, but there’s certainly more to learn about them, especially if you’re considering using them on your property.

Erosion control blankets are typically easy to install, and they’re an affordable solution. Since there are multiple blanket varieties, you can pick one specific to your needs. There are selections for smaller projects and ones for much larger areas, so consider the space you want to protect before choosing the ideal blanket for your situation.

They’re often used in areas with little to no vegetation and usually on slopes or hills. In some cases, there’s only dirt remaining in the area, but in other instances, it’s clear that soil erosion is impacting the remaining vegetation growth, soil, pebbles, and rocks.

Types of Erosion Control Blankets

There are several types of erosion control blankets available, giving buyers the option to choose which is best based on their particular need, what's best for the local environment and the location on which it will sit. Knowing a bit about the possibilities can help you make a more informed decision.


Erosion control blankets can be made of synthetic or natural materials ranging from polypropylene to coconut fibers. Additional materials used to make these blankets include jute, straw, and wood. In some cases, an erosion control blanket may be composed of more than one material.

Temporary vs. Permanent

You also have a choice between temporary and permanent options. Many temporary erosion control blankets are biodegradable, which means living organisms break them down, or photodegradable, indicating that the sunlight makes them decompose. They typically last a few months or more, depending on which one you choose.

Permanent options, also called turf reinforcement mats or high-performance turf reinforcement mats are usually installed in areas where there are severe instances of existing and/or potential damage, especially from strong weather occurrences.

When to Use an Erosion Control Blanket

Erosion control blankets are a useful option to prevent soil erosion, such as when you need to protect a vulnerable land area where a construction project will take place. These blankets are also helpful if the harm has already taken place and you want to stabilize the area, giving the natural environment time to repair itself without having to deal with further injury.

Benefits of Using Erosion Control Blankets

Combating soil erosion and helping to improve the natural vegetation in the process are some of the purposes and benefits of erosion control blankets. They also allow seeds underneath to start sprouting without washing or blowing away before they have the chance to root. The blankets can also give existing native vegetation a chance to regrow if it was somehow damaged or ripped away.

The benefits to the environment aren’t just specific to the area under the erosion blanket, but they also impact areas nearby, such as preventing sediment and soil from running into nearby rivers and potentially causing harm. This commitment to safeguarding the quality of the soil and natural vegetation can also have a positive impact on land values.

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