How to Make an Outdoor Living Wall

BlueStone Supply is thrilled you're exploring the world of outdoor living walls. Whether you want greenery for your backyard or an outdoor office area, this guide explains the benefits of living walls, as well as how to choose the perfect plants and keep them thriving.

What Is an Outdoor Living Wall?

Living walls, also known as vertical gardens, offer wall space for plants to grow. They often come with a built-in system to water and feed the plants. Imagine a lush, vibrant tapestry of plants transforming your wall into a living piece of art. It's about aesthetics and the ways you can bring nature to your doorstep.

The Benefits of Adding a Living Wall System

Plants enhance the aesthetics of your space, but they also improve air quality, reduce noise, lower energy bills through insulation and regulate temperature.

A living wall can also enhance your well-being, reduce stress and beautify your space. Each look at this green wonder reconnects and grounds you with nature, filling you with calm and joy. The soothing hues and textures offer a visual escape, providing daily tranquility.

Before starting the project, consider the size and location of your space, weather exposure, and the look you're going for.

Choosing the Right Location and Size

Location is crucial if you want your living wall to thrive. Pick a spot that gets enough sunlight but isn't too harsh, especially for any delicate plants. Space-wise, it's your canvas; go as big or small as your space allows.

Choosing the Best Plants for Your Outdoor Living Wall

Picking the right plants is a fun and exciting task. Go for a mix that suits your climate and the sunlight your wall gets. Think ferns and succulents for sunny spots, or hostas for shady areas. Climbers and wall shrubs are perfect for adding charm to your walls, whether they're in the sun or shade. Green wall systems can also support herbaceous perennials, grasses, herbs, fruits and vegetables.

For summer flair, consider annuals, patio plants or bedding, easily found as plugs in spring. You can also grow them from seed. It's worth experimenting with different plants.

Spring is the best time for planting since plants quickly establish during their active growth phase.

Irrigation System vs. Watering by Hand

Hand watering is cost-effective and allows for a closer connection to your plants. This method's downside includes the potential for human error, such as overwatering and overfeeding. However, if you properly mix nutrients and avoid overwatering, you can save a significant amount of money.

Irrigation might be a better option for scaling your gardening operation. Irrigation systems offer precise control over watering schedules and the amount of water each plant receives. They can be automated, freeing time for other gardening tasks. Setting up an irrigation system can quickly increase efficiency and yield, making it a worthy investment for serious gardeners.

How to Get Started

If you're feeling inspired, check out our collection of green wall products to learn what you need to begin your outdoor living wall project, from faux options for the less green-thumbed to full-on living masterpieces waiting to bloom.

Build an outdoor living wall with some planning and creativity, and you'll soon have a lush, green oasis. Let nature take your outdoor space to new heights.