We supply products from a variety of vendors with the goal of providing our customers the best overall value.  High quality at a competitive price!  Here are a few of our top notch vendors with a summary and a link to their websites. Of course we are constantly looking for new and exciting products to offer so let us know if you are interested in having your products featured on our site.


Geostar Technologies LLC

Founded in 2007, the company was started by a group of textile executives from different segments of the industry: Yarns, Fabric Engineering, International Textile Trading and Retaining Wall Engineering. The goal was to provide the US market with the most competitively priced Geogrid the world has to offer.  With 10 years in the industry and a number of products added to the line, Geostar has a track record of consistently providing top notch products at a great value.

SKAPS Industries

Founded in 1996, SKAPS is a high quality leading manufacturer and supplier of geosynthetic products and fiberglass fabric and holds a strong market presence in over 60 countries. The primary focus is to supply quality products including nonwoven, woven, and geocomposite fabrics with site-specific performance that satisfy the most demanding civil, environmental and industrial applications.