AquaRockBags for Erosion Control

AquaRockBags are durable, high-quality stone-filled nets offering permanent and environment-friendly protection against soil or water erosion or bridge scour. Suited for freshwater and saline water conditions, it's a cost-effective method for preventing erosion. Compared to other methods of preventing erosion, such as retaining walls or sea walls, AquaRockBags are also easier and safer to install.

Retaining walls can take time to install. With AquaRockBags, you simply put them on shorelines, bridge piers and riverbanks. They're versatile, flexible and sustainable, making them one of the best options for preserving flora and fauna.

Common Applications for Erosion Control Bags

Water erosion doesn't just affect flora and fauna; it can also lead to heavy flooding in some areas. Installing erosion control bags can help prevent this problem. These bags can be used in river embankments and river beds or in coastal areas, preserving the ecosystem. You can place AquaRockBags around piers in bridges to protect against scouring, which can lead to bridge failure. You can also use them as temporary support in emergencies. They can be used to build artificial reefs to manage erosion or dams to slow water flow.

Shoreline Stabilization

Erosion is a natural process, but human activities can accelerate it. Storms, floods, vegetation removal and construction can also cause shoreline erosion. You can help prevent erosion by limiting activities in erosion-prone areas, preserving vegetation and avoiding construction projects near the shoreline. A good way to reduce water erosion is by installing erosion-control rock bags, which are easy to install and environment-friendly. Just place them along the shoreline to protect the shore from the damaging effects of erosion.

Scour Protection

When continuous water flow or flash floods wash away the sand holding bridges in place, the structure can fail, leading to property damage and injuries. When installed around bridges, AquaRockBags can retain the stability and strength of bridges by preventing soil from being eroded. In addition to being economical and durable, they work better than other methods, such as retaining walls.

Artificial Reefs & Wildlife Habitats

Artificial reefs are constructed to protect marine ecosystems or support human activities. They're also intended to prevent erosion. We recommend placing AquaRockBags in artificial reefs and other wildlife habitats to protect them from soil or water erosion.

What Are AquaRockBags Made Of?

Installing AquaRockBags in landscaping projects or waterbodies effectively prevents soil or water erosion. They're made with abrasion and UV-resistant material that can be used for 50-plus years. We offer sizes including 1-, 2-, 4- and 8-tons for bridges, coastal structures, river bank revetments and artificial reefs. Custom sizes are also available for our AquaRockBags. Additionally, we sell sediment or erosion control products and geosynthetics. If you need more information about AquaRockBags and other erosion control products, please contact Blue Stone Supply today.

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