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Biaxial Geogrids

Biaxial geogrids are called biaxial geogrids because they contain similar strength in both the machine and cross machine direction. It does not necessarily mean they have the same strength in both directions just that the geogrids are designed to provide support in both directions. Biaxial geogrids can be knitted, woven or extruded but the majority are extruded. Extruded biaxial geogrids are generally extruded using polypropylene with a small amount of carbon black added to give the geogrid the ability to resist UV degradation. Biaxial geogrid's primary application is for use in base stabilization. By placing the geogrid in the gravel base so that it can interlock with gravel above and below you can extend the service life or reduce the total amount of aggregate needed for a road or parking lot application.
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