Mixed Color Landscape Glass Rock

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Our mixed color landscape glass rocks are available in a variety of sizes and color mixes and are perfect for any type of landscaping or decorative project. 

For use in fire pits, landscape beds, fire pits, gabion baskets, and flower beds, there is certainly a glass rock that suits your home improvement needs.  When utilizing landscape glass rocks in fire pits we recommend using size medium as the size large can crack in extreme heat. Our medium size rocks are a more permanent and colorful alternative to a typical mulch bed. 

For larger-scale orders of glass rock please reach out for project-specific pricing and let us know if you have any questions!

Because it’s 100% recycled, the glass is sustainable and eco-friendly.  And it’s striking colors will make it a standout feature in any yard or landscape project. 

A 50lb bag of landscape glass rock typically covers 7 square feet with 1” depth.  However, we recommend 2” depth coverage or 3.5 square feet per 50 lb bag, or 14 lbs per square foot.

Please note that the color can appear darker in larger pieces and that coloring can change slightly from production lot to production lot so if you are unsure please request a sample.

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