J-Drain MVP

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J-Drain MVP is a  strip drain that is designed specifically to be used with synthetic turf fields, golf courses, and other similar landscaping situations. This drain has a faster flow rate than the SWD series and is made to be low intrusive and easy to install. It is made from a combination of a polyethylene/polypropylene blended core that is wrapped in either non-woven filter fabric or spun bounded filter fabric. This design allows it to retain soil and drain water out of a field.

The MVP-6 inch drain is designed to go into natural turf vertically in low intrusion trenches. It has the benefit of being cheaper, requiring less labor, less time, and is less intrusive than other drainage alternatives. 

The MVP-12 inch drain is designed to be installed horizontally across a synthetic turf field under the layer of turf and to face towards the sidelines. This wider design gives it a faster drainage rate, and again it is more cost-effective than other drain options. 


  • Natural Turf Fields
  • Synthetic Turf Feilds
  • Golf Courses


MVP-6  165'x6"

MVP-12 165'x12"


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