GreenTexx Sock Rack Outdoor Green Wall Kit

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The GreenTexx Sock Rack outdoor vertical gardening kit is simple to install, simple to use, and perfect for projects of all sizes. Our kit includes everything that you need to start your vertical Garden except for potting soil and the plants themselves. Our sock rack is easy to put together and has clear and easy to follow instructions written on the box it comes in. This vertical gardening kit comes with a 2’ by 3’ galvanized steel frame, 6 pieces of empty soil sock mesh, a cardboard tube for sock filling, 12 sock trays, a precut irrigation supply line with fittings, 6 drip lines with fittings, and 4 wire mounting cleats. These cleats allow for our system to be attached to most outdoor surfaces and are a big part of what makes our installation so simple. Once hooked up to irrigation, this product becomes a self-sustaining installation that can brighten up an otherwise drab outdoor space. 

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