GreenTexx Sock Rack Indoor Green Wall Kit

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Our GreenTexx indoor sock rack garden wall kit is a system designed to be virtually self-sustaining, and that adds natural beauty to any indoor space. It consists of 2' wide x 3' tall wire mesh panel cut to size, 6 pieces of empty soil sock mesh for filling with garden soil, cardboard tube for easy sock filling, 12 sock trays, pre-cut irrigation supply line with fittings, 6 drip lines with fittings attached and 4 wire mounting cleats for easy attachment to walls.  It also includes a sealed aluminum basin, a pump for the irrigation system, an interior wall moisture barrier, and aluminum trim on the top and the sides. By itself, this system can be mounted anywhere with access to direct natural sunlight, but you also have the option of including a 2 foot grow light in your kit. This light eliminates the need for natural sunlight and allows this system to brighten up even the drabbest of environments.  This system looks good by itself and multiple units can be combined into one installation by making basic modifications to the irrigation system. This product’s versatility, combined with its ease of use and the low amount of maintenance it requires, makes it perfect for all of your interior decorative needs. 

Made in the USA!

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