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Our GreenTexx Plantable Garden Wall Blocks are a small scale retaining wall block system designed for easy handling and installation. A great option for residential retaining walls you can construct walls up to 5′ tall. Each block covers 1.0 sf and is 6" high. The green wall blocks are made through the process of injection molding utilizing recycled plastic and weigh only 2.5 lbs! When the garden wall blocks are stacked and installed they provide a network of openings to grow a variety of species of plants allowing every wall to be a unique green masterpiece that is constantly changing and evolving.  The snap in side rails provide an optional containment piece within in the block and our 10 Block Cartons come with 20 side rails.  On our larger GreenTexx plantable green wall block packages such as our half pallet and full pallet quantities, the side rails are not included but the appropriate number can be added to your order in increments of 10 based on your particular installation requirements. 

Available in 3 different colors: tan, brown, and gray. 

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