Contractor Grid Roll 4x45

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Biaxial woven geogrid composed of high tenacity polyester yarns and coated with PVC.  Used in retaining wall and reinforced slope construction.  The apertures of the geogrid interlock with the surrounding soil or aggregate to reinforce the soil mass and with retaining walls provide connection to the retaining wall block face.  Using the same construction as the commercial rolls of geogrid for larger projects, the 4x45 Contractor Rolls are perfect for backyard wall projects where the walls do not exceed 6' in height.  The smaller rolls reduce excess material and are easier to work with.  The rolls are bidirectional which means they can be rolled along the length of the wall reducing the number of cuts needed when placing the geogrid.

Ultimate Tensile Strength: 2,000 lbs/ft   LTDS: 878 lbs/ft

Dimensions: 4' wide x 45' long, Area: 20 square yards

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