BB103-2 Bulk Bag, Chute Bottom 4,400 lb Capacity

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36”x36”x36” Polypropylene Bulk Bag, 270 gms uncoated bulk bag with a chute bottom and 100 gms coated duffle top. Four heavy duty corner straps that are forkliftable and can carry up to 4,400 lbs. Has a 12”x15” document pocket attached and has a safety factor of 5:1. Bulk bags can be used to store and move sand, mulch, aggregate, soil, grains and many other items.  The chute or spout on the bottom of our BB103 bag allows you to load the bag from the top and allow the contents to flow out the spout in the bottom when the bulk bag is lifted in the air.  Or simply tie the chute closed to keep the contents secure during storage or while moving the bags.

2 packs are priced at $19 each plus shipping.  4 Packs are priced at $18.50 each plus shipping. 6 Packs are priced at $18.00 each plus shipping.

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