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Our gabion glass rocks are our larger cut rocks that are available in a variety of colors, and add eye-catching flair to your gabion project. 

Our Gabion rocks are generally cut into larger pieces when compared to our landscaping glass rocks, and this makes them perfect for use in garden beds, landscaping projects, and as a standalone feature in your yard. 

Because it’s 100% recycled, the glass is sustainable and eco-friendly. They are also extremely durable and will show little to no wear and tear over long periods of time. 

When calculating the needed amount for gabion baskets using 4-6” glass rock we generally recommend using a ratio of 90 lbs per cubic foot.

For larger-scale orders of glass rock please reach out for project-specific pricing and let us know if you have any questions!

Please note that the color can appear darker in larger pieces and that coloring can change slightly between different batches so if you are unsure please request a sample.

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