MG100 Geogrid

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MG100 is a Uniaxial fine mesh geogrid composed of high tenacity polyester yarns and coated with green PVC. Used as a facing fabric on vegetated welded wire form walls and slopes also known as secondary reinforcement on reinforced slopes. The small apertures of the geogrid interlock with the surrounding soil to retain the face and act as a medium for hydroseed or other desired vegetation to be established on the face. The face grid layer has smaller apertures, which provide more soil coverage and containment than a standard geogrid. This allows the grass to take root on the face of the wall before too much soil is lost, and for the grass to provide an even further layer of erosion control on the slope or wall. 

Ultimate Tensile Strength: 1,680 lbs/ft   LTDS: 963 lbs/ft

Dimensions: 8' wide x 150' long, Area: 133 square yards

Comparable to Strata MicroGrid, Mirafi MiraMesh GR and Synteen SR18

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