HP200 Uniaxial Geogrid

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HP200 uniaxial geogrid is composed of high tenacity polyester yarns and coated with PVC. This Geogrid is best used in slope reinforcement and retaining wall construction. The apertures of the geogrid interlock with the surrounding soil or aggregate to reinforce the soil mass and when used with retaining walls provides connection to the retaining wall block face. It is strongest in the machine direction, which means that when used on a slope or in a retaining wall the grid should be rolled perpendicular to the wall face.  An easy way to remember this is that the “strength is in the length”. The focus of strength in the machine direction allows it to provide effective reinforcement where the larger forces are present when used in an MSE or mechanically stabilized earth wall or slope. Our HP200 geogrid is our most commonly used geogrid and is used by itself in smaller retaining walls or can be one of several types of geogrid used at different lifts in larger retaining walls or slope projects.


Ultimate Tensile Strength: 3,373 lbs/ft   LTDS: 1,884 lbs/ft

Dimensions: 12' wide x 150' long, Area: 200 square yards

Dimensions: 6' wide x 150' long, Area: 100 square yards

Comparable to Synteen SF35, Strata SG200, Mirafi 3XT

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