GB1515 Extruded Geogrid

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GB 1515 is a biaxial extruded geogrid  used in base reinforcement and soil stabilization.  It functions  by interlocking with the aggregate below and above the geogrid drastically reducing the amount of aggregate required when constructing a highway, parking lot or rail line.  Or if used with the same aggregate level,  can increase the design life of the project significantly. All of our extruded geogrids are made from a mix of polypropylene pellets which are extruded and punched into the grid shape, with a small amount of carbon black added in for UV protection. GB1515 is our most economical base reinforcement geogrid and is perfectly suited for lower strength applications including driveways, parking lots, unpaved roads as well as lower traffic areas.

Tult: 1,028 lbs/ft MD 1,028 lbs/ft CMD

Dimensions: 12.959 ft wide by 246 ft long     Area: 354.315 SQY

Comparable to Tensar BX4100

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