Earth Anchors

An earth anchor is a product designed to support structures of different types. Earth anchors are generally used in geotechnical and civil construction applications. Earth anchors can also be referred to as; ground anchors, percussion driven earth anchors, mechanical anchors, auger style anchors, arrowhead style anchors, and bullet style anchors. Earth anchors can be impact driven into the ground with a hammer or jack hammer or screwed in when dealing with the helical style auger anchors.

Earth anchors are used in a variety of applications including:

  • Retaining wall reinforcement
  • Temporary structural support for buildings and tents
  • Secured tie down anchorage for floating docks and pipelines
  • Utility pole and tower anchors
  • Erosion control anchoring

We offer Bullet Style Earth Anchors,  Arrowhead Style Earth Anchors and Auger Style Earth Anchors in a variety of sizes to meet your project requirements based on the best installation method and load capacity required for your project.  It is important to remember that all published load capacity numbers are only a guide due to the volatile nature of soil characteristics which can greatly affect the interlock with the anchors.  These factors can include the moisture level, soil type, soil compaction, roots, install method, and the angle at which the earth anchor is installed.