Geosynthetics in Agriculture and Farming

Geosynthetics in Agriculture and Farming

There are a multitude of ways to utilize Geosynthetics in the field of agriculture.  Geosynthetics are simply synthetic planar products utilized to help control terrain through the application of one or more of: reinforcement, separation, filtration, drainage, protection, and erosion control.  From reinforcing levies with uniaxial geogrid or woven fabric to lining unpaved roads with filter fabric to just name a few.  Below are several of the most common geosynthetics and how they can be used around the farm.  

GeoGrids are fabrics made from synthetic polymers with open apertures to allow the geogrid to interlock with the surrounding material.  Uniaxial Geogrids are typically used as reinforcement in walls, slopes and levies. While Biaxial Geogrids are typically used in paved and unpaved roads, as well as lay down yards and parking areas.

By reinforcing the fill zone behind a wall or in a slope with layers of our Uniaxial Geogrid, you are greatly increasing the stability of the entire structure.

You can utilize our Biaxial GeoBase Geogrid in-between layers of aggregate in roads and parking areas, greatly increasing the bearing capacity through the interlock reinforcement provided by the geogrid apertures.  This can allow you to extend the time between required maintenance and/or use less aggregate during construction.  

Woven and Nonwoven Filter Fabric are geotextiles which are permeable fabrics generally made from polyester or polypropylene and can be used to separate, filter, protect, drain, and reinforce.  In general the commodity slit film Woven Filter Fabrics give you higher strength and less water flow while the needle-punched Nonwoven Filter Fabrics provide higher water flow rates with lower strength when comparing fabrics of the same weight.  There are specialty fabrics available that can provide high strength and high water flow rates simultaneously. 

These fabrics are most commonly used as a separation fabric when trying to keep gravel from mixing with soil.  This can be useful when constructing an access road on a levy that keeps washing out, or general farm roads and parking pads where you are constantly losing aggregate as the soil migrates up to the surface.

GeoCells are honey combed shape cellular confinement grids that are shipped folded up and spread out on site.  Varying in size and height they confine soil or aggregate in individual cells creating a horizontal structure that can also be used on slopes.  

They are an excellent option for creating reinforced parking areas because they can be filled with soil and seeded so that you have reinforced grass parking pad or can be used outside of livestock stalls as a paddock to reduce rutting from foot prints.  

Gabions are steel cages that can be filled with stone to create an easy to use gravity wall for shoring up steep slopes or can be used as abutments for bridges in hard to access areas.  Available in a variety of sizes and easily stackable they can be used to create an extremely customizable footprint. 

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