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Gabion Lid Closure Tool

Gabion Lid Closure Tool



In an effort to minimize the labor associated with lid closing and to eliminate selvedge wire deformation, we offer an industry approved lid closure tool. This tool is intended to replace single point bars used for lid closing.

USE: Place the pivot hook (B) over the twist on the lid and position the stationary hook (A) under the twist on the front face of the gabion. Apply downward pressure to the leverage arm. The pivot hinge functions as a fulcrum and brings the two selvedge wires together to accommodate the use of either the Tiger Tite interlocking fastener or lacing wire to close the seam. Continue this operation along the gabion seam and a neat edge seam will be developed with a minimum expenditure of labor and effort.

NOTE: Attach lid to front face of gabion before tying the side of lid to adjacent gabions.

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