J-Drain 700

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J-Drain 700 is an impermeable polymeric sheet cuspated under heat and pressure to form a dimpled drainboard. This board serves to dissipate hydrostatic pressure by moving water away from the walls and foundation of a building to the base of its structure, where it is further drained by another system. The J-Drain 700 system is bonded to a nonwoven filter fabric, which separates sand and other debris particles from the water, and allows that water to safely flow out into another drainage system. J-Drain700  is engineered for heavy-duty horizontal applications and is specifically designed to be used under concrete. Best if paired with J-Drain SWD 6 or SWD 12 collection systems. 


  • Parking decks
  • Split slabs
  • Plaza Decks
  • Planters
  • Roof Gardens



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