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Welded Wire Form Bundle Hot Dipped Galvanized

Welded Wire Form Bundle Hot Dipped Galvanized



Bundle of 25 Forms/Baskets.

Known as welded wire forms or wire baskets, our forms are comprised of W4 gauge, hot dipped galvanized steel with 4" by 4" apertures.  The welded wire forms are 1.5' tall and 1.5' deep and 10' wide.  Welded wire forms are used as a facing unit when constructing mechanically stabilized earthen walls in conjunction with geogrid to reinforce the retained soil mass.  The permanently galvanized baskets provide a great facing option when used with stone fill on the face with the appropriate facing grid or steel mesh.  By only having to use stone in the face and using a filter fabric to separate the stone fill from the reinforced soil back fill you can greatly reduce the amount of stone used versus a gravity wall.

Struts are sold separately.

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